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DSC_0069Since I retired from working at Scarborough Renaissance Festival last season, I can now go to the Faire to simply play and enjoy myself. And that is precisely what I did on Saturday. Not only did Alan and I spend a fabulous day in the Renaissance, but almost my entire immediate family was also there. I took my new Nikon camera to fully document the occasion. And document it I did! I ran out of room on both of my SD cards and still ended up using my tablet to take photos. My ten year old niece declared that she figured out why I was repeatedly running out of room. “It’s because you’re taking a lot of pictures, Aunt Erika.” Why yes, she was right. Out of the mouths of babes, right?


Of course, one of the greatest parts about going to a Renaissance festival is the dressing up bit. My husband wore his kilt, which always makes me ecstatic! There’s just something about a man in a kilt. Right, ladies? My brother-in-law also kilted. And accidentally apropos for Fantasy Weekend,  I made my niece a Water Fairy and my nephew The Priest from Assassin’s Creed. The reason this was accidentally appropriate was that they didn’t know it was going to be Fantasy Weekend when they decided on their characters. My twin nieces didn’t dress this year but definitely rocked the face paint.



Another fabulous thing at Scarborough is the food. Luckily, the Pasta Palace had one of my favorite dishes, Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce. For the first time in about three years, I was actually able to have a glass of mead to go with my meal. I’m not quite sure why but the whole dining experience at a Renaissance festival is enhanced when done out of wooden dishes. Sword Dancer

Gypsy DrummersLeaf FairyFan Dancer Parade EditedScottish Regiment

As everyone who has ever been to Scarborough knows, the one o’clock cannon, yes, cannon, heralds the beginning of the Grand Parade. All of the cast, regiments, and vendors’ flag carriers march a circuitous route around the festival grounds. Kids lined up along the route to enjoy the spectacle might even get to take home small bits of treasure handed out by the participants. Everybody loves a parade!




We ended our day at the joust, where knights on horseback battle each other on the lists. It’s quite a show! As an amateur photographer, I was really looking forward to this event. I’ve always loved shooting horses…with a camera. Every step these beautiful beasts make is magnificent.


And so we finished another great day in the year 1533!DSC_0705