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I finally have bought a new DSLR camera to take photos for my “Dressing” book series. It is my hope that this series will be an irreplaceable resource for costume designers and fashionistas alike. Instead of books full of drawings, which are open to the illustrator’s interpretation, or just one or two drawings of costumes from each country, my books will go in depth to explore each country’s unique clothing styles. Also, they will include full color photographs of what the country’s inhabitants are actually wearing.

Two years ago, I ran an unfortunately unsuccessful “Dressing: Germany” campaign. This time, I will be doing things differently!

Getting the camera outside of the campaign is just the beginning. One of the other things I am doing is to get people more involved with the campaign. Is Germany the country that people want to see in my first book? What about Scotland, or Panama? Do you have another suggestion? Also, what rewards would you all like to see? I’m still going to include a signed copy of the finished book but at what tier would you donate to get the book?

I am interested in your thoughts, so please don’t be shy! Use the comment section to let me know. I will also be posting on my Twitter account at @renplanet.

Thank you!