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Well, hello, folks! I hope you all had a happy and restful holiday. Personally, I had to eighty-six #86 off my bucket list because Craig Ferguson ended the ten year run of “The Late Late Show.” But not to worry! The husband and I have decided to replace it with a joint bucket list wish. We are going to add “Go to San Diego Comi-Con in costume” as the new #86.

Also, I have made it my goal for 2015 to mark off (by completing) FIVE items off my bucket list. It’s been a little hard these past seven years with my financial issues but I will find a way. Life’s too short to fritter it away worrying about money.

Looking back on this year, we had an amazing vacation in Manhattan. I finally got to see Alan Cumming as the Emcee in “Cabaret” after a fifteen year wait. And as a very special bonus, we even got to meet him after the show and got his autograph! After all, he’s my second favorite Alan.

We are also finally remodeling our 42 year old kitchen. I think you could say it definitely needs it.

Here’s to another great year with my first favorite Alan. Love you, baby!