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One of my favorite things to do is to go to museums, and boy, does New York City have a great one! I’m talking about the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ve been there every trip to the Big Apple, including a trip solely to see the “Dangerous Liaisons” exhibit eight years ago. This time was no different. Since it was my husband’s first time New York, we made sure that we put aside lots of time to explore. We spent half a day wondering among the galleries, trying to see as much as humanly possible in one visit. And we never set foot in the Gift Shop!


Henry VIII and I

Every time I go, there’s new experiences to discover. I love walking from room to room while traveling through time. Where else can you walk through an Egyptian tomb, see art from the South Pacific, and gaze upon Henry VIII’s armor all in one day?

Armored Knights

Armored Knights

This time, we saw the “Charles James” exhibit, who is one of my favorite 20th Century designers. He not only designed beautiful dresses but he engineered them! The exhibit, itself, was a model of technology. The dresses were presented with video media and drawings that showed the inner workings of each of James’ masterpieces. I can’t begin to tell you what a joy this is for two costume designers! Whenever I look at a garment, I want to know how it was patterned, and the Met showed me exactly that.

Bagpipes Met

Scottish Bagpipes

Japanese Samurai

Japanese Samurai


While this was a special exhibit, photography was not allowed. However, we did get pictures of as much stuff in the galleries where photography was allowed.

European Statue

European Statue Gallery

Armor Gallery

European Medieval Armor Gallery