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Hi Good Folks,

This post is not about travel but it is about something very important to me. Friends. And one of my friends needs your help! They were diagnosed with thyroid cancer about two months ago. And as you might know, paying for treatment can easily become financially difficult.

There is a wonderful website called Booster.com. It lets anyone start a campaign for any cause that they believe in. My cause is raising money for my dear friend so that they can pay for their cancer treatment.

Since we are both Rennies at Scarborough, I designed a “Rennies Against Cancer” T-shirt. It’s available in two colors, lots of sizes, and sells for a mere $16 plus a flat $5 shipping fee. So not only do you get an awesome T-shirt, but you can give your karma a BOOST this season and help support a wonderful cause.

So if you have a moment, stop by the Rennies Against Cancer booster campaign, buy a T-shirt, share on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s boost the signal.

I want to thank all of you for your time. Also, I want to thank anyone who buys a T-shirt on my blog here at Erika Hits the Road.

Thank you,

Erika L. Durham