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#48 Go to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels


It was an awesome experience! And another item is checked off the list. When they say Schlitterbahn is the best water park in the U.S, they mean it. Not only did I have a blast mastering the Master Blaster but my husband had a great day also. Speaking of the Master Blaster, it’s best to ride it first. Everything after that is all downhill. Literally.


After the thrill of the uphill water coaster, we went on the Wolf Pack. Another great ride! One on which my husband made sure that I was going down the ride backwards the entire time. Oh, and don’t worry about the long lines. All of the rides are totally worth the wait!

Next, we rode the Torrent River several times, and The Falls. Both were way more intense then I was expecting. The Torrent River has huge swells that lift you up and throw you forward, while The Falls force you through fast-moving rapids. With my 8-year-old niece in tow, we also rode some of the smaller slides. Although, she rode the Master Blaster and the Wolf Pack.


They also have the Boogie Bahn, where you hold on for dear life to a boogie board and hope your swim trunks do the same. It’s a quick ride but worth doing at least once.

One thing I wish I had done differently is to have bought sunblock in lotion form and not spray-on sunblock. Despite using an entire can of the stuff, the husband and I still got burned


Of course, this whole experience was available to us because of our friend, Jessica’s giveaway on her blog. thereinventionofjessica.blogspot.com

So, if you all have the chance, definitely spend the day at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels!


A swing ride I will never go on! (But it was fun watching random strangers swinging over your head.)