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Well, I’m sad to say that our Kickstarter project, “Dressing Germany” failed. Miserably. For now, our book is on hold until we can come up with the funding to finish it. We’re taking some time to regroup, and explore other options. I’ve already started researching grants available for writers. Unless something else becomes available, we will run another Kickstarter in time for next summer. Also, hoping maybe we can save up to buy the camera equipment separately throughout the next year so that will significantly lower the amount that we will have to ask for next time.

I hope you all will stick with us until we can get our book onto store shelves. When it does become available for purchase, it will be an invaluable reference for costume and fashion designers.

Also, I want to personally thank all of you who do believe in our project, for those who pledged and those who shared our link on Facebook and Twitter. Alan and I appreciate it greatly!

Thank you,