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This past Saturday, the husband and I took the day off to celebrate his birthday. Now, we still spent the day in the Renaissance at Scarborough Renaissance Festival. Shopping. Eating. Drinking a yummy sweet glass of mead! Eating and shopping some more.
We ended our day with one of our favorite acts at the Faire. Yes, we saw Fool Hearty’s “Untrained Dog Show” again! It’s a fantastic show for all ages. The troupe consists of two joke-telling humans, Marquis and Ima Nutt, as well as their two border collies, Blockhead and Polka Dot. It doesn’t matter how many times we see the show, it’s magical every time.
Twelve-year-old Blockhead has been the star of the show for years. As with most border collies, Blockhead is highly intelligent and loves to do tricks. Since neither Marquis nor Ima ever remember to train Blockhead, it’s a good thing he’s taught himself some tricks. He does everything from catching rubber chickens to jumping bars to rescuing kitties hidden in the audience.

Saturday’s show was going well until dear Blockhead injured his paw, and had to go rest for the remainder of the show. So, three-year-old Polka Dot took over the performance duties for the day. It’s amazing how much she’s learned in her few short years. For the first time, we saw Polka Dot go through the dreaded Tunnel of Doom!

20130521-223339.jpgAt the end of every untrained dog show, the multitude of children in the audience get to go up on stage and pose for photos with the dogs. It’s definitely a treat for all!


If you ever come across Fool Hearty at your local Ren faire, join them at their show and tell them that Rosie the Cabin Boy says “hi!”