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ACHIEVED! Last Thursday, my husband and I attended a Texas Rangers baseball for his birthday. We had All-You-Can-Eat seats, and it was amazing! We had football weather for our first baseball game. Despite the fact that is was May 2nd in Texas, the temperature was 44 degrees. This didn’t bother us at all! The wind, on the other hand, was killer. Not only did it blow Alan’s hat off his head, it blew some of my nachos straight out of my tray. It also blew Alan’s chicken sandwich out of his hand.


We settled into our seats and bundled up to watch the game. Justin Grimm pitched for the Rangers against the Chicago White Sox. Incredible watching a great baseball game in person. All the vendors walking up and down the aisles, sold everything from cotton candy to cold beer. The poor beer guy wasn’t selling any “cold ones” that night. At first, he tried simply yelling “BEER” but no one was buying. “Well, if I told you it was cold beer, nobody would buy.” Then, he started yelling, “hot beer” but most people were going inside for coffee.

The game progressed quickly. In the second inning, Adrian Beltre hit a homer. Excellent! And we all got a coupon for a free Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast. The game remained 1-0 Rangers until the sixth inning. After two White Sox were walked onto first and second, the third batter hit a homer. Noooooooooooooo!! Score was now 3-1 White Sox. ) :

20130504-130438.jpgWe happily watched the game until the very last pitch, leading our section in the usual chant of “Let’s go, Rangers, let’s go!” Unfortunately, the score didn’t change.

My feet were frozen and my face was numb but I wouldn’t change a thing (except for the final score, of course!) Alan and I still had smiles on our faces as we trekked back to the car, taking with two free Rangers shopping bags which were that night’s promotion.

It was a night to remember, indeed. Now that #38 is to-done, I look forward to crossing the next item off of my to-do list.