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1. Visit my family’s homeland of Warsawa and Mlawa, Poland
2. Go to Tokyo Disneyland with my friend and her family
3. See Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower
4. Eat at every Wolfgang Puck restaurant. I’ve already knocked two off the list!
5. Attend a masquerade in Venice while wearing an eighteenth century costume of my own design
6. See an opera at La Scala
7. Ride a train from Paris to Venice. Okay, this one is technically my mother’s but it’s a really good one so I’m stealing it. But I would do this one with my parents!
8. See the real-life Hobbit holes in New Zealand
9. Finally see the Grand Staircase at the Palace of Wurzburg. I came really close two decades ago. Got to see the outside but the Palace was closed for a “private event.”
10. Take my husband to Panama to visit the Canal and friends. I’ve been twice to Panama but never with the love of my life!
11. Have a picnic of chocolate, cheese, and wine in the Swiss alps
12. Walk in Buckingham Palace
13. See my ancestor’s portrait (Nicholas Carew) in Drumlanrig Castle
14. Lie on the beach at Ipanema, Brazil
15. Explore the city that gave us Jane Austen, Bath, England
16. Visit all thirteen original Colonies. I’ve been to Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, South and North Carolina.
17. See the Taj Mahal
18. Explore pirate history in Jamaica
19. Take a river cruise down the Beautiful Blue Danube
20. See the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
21. See the Salt Mines in Poland
22. See the Pyramids at Giza
23. Eat baklava in Athens while looking at the Parthenon.
24. Take a cooking class in Tuscany
25. Rest in Vanuatu
26. Paint an impressionist painting in Tahiti or as I like to call it: going Gauguin!
27. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
28. Go dancing in Miami
29. Eat at that restaurant in Spain that used to be a pirate den. I’ll have to look up that name again. Casa something
30. Celebrate Christmas with my family in Vienna
31. Sing the opening song from “Sound of Music” on the hill. I know this one’s corny but I’m a theatre geek so cut me some slack, y’all.
32. Walk through the remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum
33. Attend Bristol Renaissance Faire
34. Go diamond mining in Arkansas
35. Have a romantic Valentine’s Day meal in Manhattan
36. Stay at the Hotel Zaza in Dallas
37. Take my husband to Cars Land at Disneyland
38. Go to a Rangers baseball game. Now, I see the Ballpark just about every day but I’ve never seen a game there
39. Drive down Lombardi Street in San Francisco. Okay, maybe Alan will drive
40. Stay at the Hotel Leger in California
41. Attend Disney’s Annual Pirate Party. In costume, of course!
42. Whale watch in Alaska
43. Ride an elephant in India
44. See the Tower of London
45. See where they filmed eighteenth century movies in Prague, like “Amadeus”
46. Visit Buda and Pest!
47. Drive from one end of Route 66 to the other with a killer soundtrack
48. Go to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels
49. Rent an RV and take the husband and fur babies to Colorado
50. Eat Sunday brunch at the Broadmoor
51. Travel back in time to Colonial Williamsburg!
52. Visit Scarborough, England. I time travel to Renaissance Scarborough eight weekends out of the year so I’d like to see the real place. Hell, I even got married in Renaissance Scarborough!
53. Ride in a convertible down the PCH
54. Take the Orient Express
55. Wear a sundress and large straw hat while on a yacht off the Amalfi Coast
56. Transcend time at Independence Hall
57. Visit Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania. This one may not sound like much but it’s where my family settled eventually after coming over from Poland
58. Attend a luau on Waikiki Beach
59. Take a tango lesson in Buenos Aires, Argentina
60. Participate in a Mardis Gras crewe in New Orleans
61. Can’t go back to Constantinople but I can go visit the Hagia Sophia in Instanbul!
62. Listen to Sting’s “Valparaiso” while in Valparaiso, Chile
63. Actually vacation in the Bahamas. I’ve been there twice… for work! I’d take my parents and husband this time
64. Sail down the Panama Canal
65. Eat of box of Girl Scout Samoans on the beach in Samoa. I might have to check customs regulations on this one
66. See the leaves turn in New Hampshire
67. Visit a costume shop in London
68. Buy a French cookbook in Paris
69. Ride a metro in Berlin while listening to Berlin
70. Drive through every state that touches a Great Lake
71. Visit the Chateau de Chambord
72. Spend the night in an Irish castle
73. Walk a mile on the Great Wall of China
74. Place a bet on a roulette wheel in Monte Carlo. Can’t guarantee I’ll win!
75. See the Rosé Window at Notre Dame
76. Eat lunch at the Ivy
77. Visit Loch Ness
78. Spend ten minutes looking at the Grand Canyon
79. Gaze upon the face of Mona Lisa at the Louvre
80. Watch the Kentucky Derby in person while drinking a mint julep and wearing a super large straw hat
81. See a West End musical
82. Hear a jazz band in St. Louis
83. Ride in a hot air balloon in New Mexico
84. Recreate Audrey Hepburn’s trip through Rome in “Roman Holiday”
85. See a taping of “Saturday Night Live”
86. See a taping of “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
(Since the show ended its run before I got to see it, I’m replacing this one with attending San Diego Comi-Con I. Costume)
87. Spend a night in the Orientale Suite at the Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi Hotel in Italia
88. Throw a coin into Trevi Fountain
89. Tour Highclere Castle while secretly pretending to be the fourth Crawley sister, of course!
90. See the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi. C’mon, I built my own model of the tomb when I was thirteen. Time for me to see my inspiration!
91. See an adult revue in Las Vegas
92. Play Texas hold ’em in Bellagio’s Poker Room. After winning big (or losing) celebrate (or console) by going outside to see the famous fountains. Any chance of doing this one with George Clooney and Brad Pitt? Maybe I’ll just have my husband wear a tux
93. Take a trans-Atlantic cruise on the Queen Mary II
94. Caribbean cruise with the Mouse
95. Swim off the coast of Santorini
96. Island hop my way across the Caribbean
97. See Sydney with my niece, Sydney
98. Ride on a double decker bus in London
99. Biltmore Estate in North Carolina
100. See ten paintings by Old Masters in Belgium and The Netherlands
101. Eat Seoul food. This one might be a little more difficult as I would have to find vegetarian dishes!
102. Leaning Tower of Pisa
103. Schonbrunn Palace is Vienna
104. Victor Hugo’s house in Paris
105. Mauritius beaches
106. Stay a night at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio
107. Try stinky tofu in Taipei
108. Check in on Facebook at every location on one of Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover”
109. Take a road trip with all of my nieces at once!
110. Ride a Vespa in Italy
111. Try one of Gigi’s cupcakes in Nashville
112. Go parasailing in Hawaii.
113. Eat a Parmaggedon at Melt Bar and Grilled in Cleveland, Ohio
114. Take a romantic gondola ride in Venice with my husband
115. Buy my husband everything he needs to make dinner from Chatsworth House Farm Shop.
116. Watch my husband eat a Franklin Mint while I chow down on the Mount Vesuvius at The Franklin Mint in Philadelphia
117. Visit the Kyoto Costume Institute
118. Pig out at Hersey, Pennsylvania
119. Eat at Brick Lane in New York
120. Visit the ABBA museum in Stockholm, Sweden.
121. Oh my God! How did I forget visit Neuschwanstein Castle?! I’ve wanted to go there since I was five!

122. Take a cake class at Charm City Cakes in Maryland.

123. Make enough money to do the previous 122 121 120 items!