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Mom and I took a lil’ trip back to nineteenth century France today. Yes, I finally went to see my very most favorite musical come to life on the big screen. Yes, “Les Miserables!” Admittedly, I was a little scared to go see it because I was worried that they would utterly screw it up. Loved Hugh Jackman! He reminded me of Colm Wilkinson (the original Jean Valjean.) Oh, and Colm Wilkinson was also in the movie!! Am I using too many exclamation points?! Sorry. And Frances Ruffelle was also in it. The original Eponine (who is my favorite character.) Costuming was fantastic, and in the words of my boss, exactly like I would have done it. Not a fly in sight. Very important for me because the fly was not popular in Western clothing until later. Although, I was rather upset that they moved the sequence of songs around, left out “Dog Eat Dog” and shortened several songs. Helena Bonham Carter and Sascha Baron Cohen (yes, I just said Sascha Baron Cohen) were perfect as the Thenardiers. Really wish they could have done the entirety of “Beggars at the Feast.” And yes, I did cry through most of the movie; just like every time I’ve seen the show on stage. Which is over a dozen times. (I’ve lost count, actually.)

I think I’ll quit blubbering now, and let you all go to sleep. But when you wake up tomorrow, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!