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I could very well be addicted to travel. I want to go everywhere. See everything. Experience as many different countries and cities as I can. Unfortunately, travel takes money. Lots and lots of money. Fortunately, both my husband and I are artists. (Okay, so that may not be so fortunate. Artists tend to not make a lot of money!)

However, we do sell our designs on a website called Cafepress.com. We specialize in international and regional designs. Especially our Food Pyramid designs.

Image We have pyramids from all continents (except for Antarctica). What would be on Antarctica’s Food Pyramid? Penguins, fish?New Jersey Food Pyramid Dark

All 50 states are represented, as well as all 13 countries in South America, including Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana.

Along with our Food Pyramids, we also offer our Cities Flag designs. Each line on the flag contains the names of famous cities in that country. Although we only have a few countries right now, we are always adding more.

Swedish Cities Flag

Swedish Cities Flag (Left)

Danish Cities Flag (Below)
Danish Cities Flag

Also in our shop, you will find our “Grandmother” and “Grandfather” sayings. These popular designs let you tell the world your heritage. “Everyone Gets a Grandmother. Only the Lucky Get a Babcia.” Or Abuela, Nonna, Oma, or Grand-mere. Also available in Grandfather. These make great kids’ gifts!


French Grandfather (Right)

So, if you need a fun gift, new coffee mug, or a unique T-shirt to wear to your favorite restaurant, come visit our shop on http://www.cafepress.com/htbelrenplanet. Support my travel habit and get great merchandise at the same time!

Thank you for your time and enjoy!