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My wonderful husband bought me my very own iPhone this Christmas. I have had a great time downloading free apps, especially travel apps. Disney has some great ones. So many, in fact, that I had to create a Disney Travel folder and a regular travel folder. I just hope we can go to Disneyworld again soon. Despite my best efforts, we didn’t actually see everything. WDW maps, Disney Memories, Disneyland. I’ve never even been to Disneyland!

In my regular Travel folder, I added Tony Bourdain’s The Layover Guide. It has some great ideas for dining in different cities. Makes me hungry! Also, I have the American Airlines app, of course. It is my preferred airline when traveling. And…my reservations for Seattle automatically come up. Awesome! Two foreign language translators for when we finally get to  go back to Europe or visit my friend in Tokyo.

I also downloaded Telenav GPS for those looooong roadtrips I tend to take us on. Because getting lost in rural South Carolina and coming across a teen rave in the middle of the night is no fun.

And, of course, I got Sudoku, Words with Friends, and Fruit Ninja for waiting in airport lobbies and, again, those long road trips.

If you all have any travel apps you’d like to recommend, then please share them in the Comments. Especially free ones. Because we all like free.

Thank you,