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Not being able to travel for the holidays and with my young niece in town staying with my parents, I was excited when my mother asked if I wanted to go with her and my niece to see the fantastic display of lighted trees down by the Trinity River. Of course, after all, she raved about how beautiful the lights were last year. So we bundle up the kid and headed downtown.Image

The first visible array of lights were indeed gorgeous. Every tree elegantly wrapped up in lights. Each one a different vibrant color. Green, purple, red, hot pink, white, blue. As we drove around the curve, looking for a place to park, we expected to see more trees. After all, Mom said there were hundreds of trees lit up last year. And she has pictures to prove it! Actually, according the photos, last year was a beautiful display of lighting.


But, alas, this seemed to be it. We drove around, trying to find more beautifully appointed trees. This was it. When asked if she wanted to get and walk around the ten lit trees, my niece responded that she would rather stay in the car. So, I got to hang out the car window while snapping photos with my new iPhone. Thank God it has a great camera!

Eventually, after the underwhelmingness of the first set of trees, we parked outside one of the nearby buildings that had some lights up in their courtyard. Time for some better photo ops.


The courtyard was pretty, and the kid decided to get out of the car long enough to walk around, and enjoy the lights. The purple thing with eyes poking out would be the kid.Image

Back into the car before we melted in the rain, off to QT for some yummy hot chocolate with Amaretto (non-alcoholic flavoring, of course!) But we were highly disappointed to find that all of QT’s hot chocolate dispensers were out of order. Ugh! So back to my parents to make the balls for kolaczki (Polish cookies) and homemade hot chocolate.


So the kolaczki balls are made and the kid is in bed. I head home to my dear sweet husband. Ugh, I never did get my hot chocolate! Is quarter past midnight too late for a chocolatey drink?