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We Drove All Night

A year after my husband and I got married, we drove to Charleston, South Carolina to attend my cousin’s wedding. After “careful” planning, I determined (with the help of the internet) that we would spend approximately 17-18 hours of driving from Texas to South Carolina. It would be a long day but we could make it if we left at 5 am in the morning. With only one day to get there before the day of the wedding, that’s exactly what we did. We packed the SUV, borrowed a friend’s GPS, and set off down I-20.

The road trip took us through Shreveport, Louisiana, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia. While the scenery was no doubt gorgeous, at about hour nineteen, we were still nowhere near Charleston. In fact, once we got to South Carolina, the GPS decided it was best to recreate “Deliverance” country. Already nighttime, the fog rolled in. And then as the GPS decided no straight roads for us, we happened upon what can only be described as a teenage rave in the middle of the South Carolina backwoods.

After carefully avoiding said teenagers, we finally made it into Charleston. Yes, we are at the hotel! And it only took us almost 23 hours. We were surprised to find that the night attendant actually waited for us at the Andrew Pinckney Inn. Talk about service! I felt so bad that I had so totally blown the calculations that some kid had to give up his night so that we could get checked in.

But the hotel and the trip were great. After the previous year’s Disney Death March, I promised my dear husband that he wouldn’t have to walk everywhere this year. Instead he drove almost 23 hours just to get to Charleston.

Saturday we spent with family before the wedding. The ceremony itself was beautiful! I love getting together with family, and enjoying life’s special moments.

Then, the day after the wedding, we drove my aunt to the airport in NORTH Carolina. It was fantastic hearing stories from my aunt’s youth while rocking out to Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” album. After dropping her off at the airport, we circled our way back to Charleston, staying the night in Raleigh. In between we stumbled upon a farmer’s market, visited the warehouse at Morris Costumes, and explored the Mecklenburg House.

We made it back to Charleston early Monday morning.  My husband enjoyed our visit to U.S.S. Yorktown, and so did I. The carrier has an amazing museum as well as the U.S.S. Clamagore, a Guppy III submarine. Even my hobbit-sized self found the quarters to be tight while walking the length of the sub.

For dinner, we ate at Sticky Fingers, which was recommended to us by my husband’s best friend. My husband loves barbeque, and they still had some vegetarian sides for me.  Of course, I ordered my favorite, Creamy Mac & Cheese.

After dinner, we joined the Bulldog’s Charleston Ghost & Graveyard Tour. While I don’t believe in ghosts, it is great hearing about the history of the local buildings. Our tour guide took us through the graveyard and told us the local legend of the Boo Hag. In local Gullah legend, the Boo Hag sucks a sleeping person’s breath and steals their skin to wear. Doesn’t sound like someone you’d like to meet on a dark night!

While on the Ghost Tour, Charleston experienced a 100-year high tide. Since we were walking in the old part of the harbor city, we were walking through several inches of water! It was definitely a night we would never forget.

Tuesday morning we set out for home. We enjoyed Southern comfort food at Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles Restaurant in Lithonia, Georgia. After driving most of the day, we decided to do things a little differently on the trip home. This time, we stopped at a hotel in Jackson, Mississippi. The next day, we stopped and gave our money to the Ameristar Casino in Vicksburg. Then, the last leg home took us through Shreveport. We skipped the casinos!