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Well, damn! It seems that I couldn’t get the $5,000.00 together for a weekend in Paris. Surprise, surprise. So, instead this week’s Road Trip Playlist will maybe inspire you to think of dining outside in a Parisian cafe or strolling down the Champs d’Elysee. I’ll post that later. To continue on the French theme, my husband and I went with his brother to our local La Madeleine. There’s just something so soothing about French country cooking.

Although it’s been a while since we’ve visited La Madeleine, all my old favorites were still on the menu. I ordered the Savory Sampler with the Tomato Basil Soup, Spinach Pochette, and Strawberries Romanoff. My husband went with the French Dip with Au Jou and Tomato Basil Soup, while his brother had the Chicken La Madeleine and Tomato Basil Soup.

The soup was creamy with a nice flavor. My husband declared the soup the second-best he’s ever had! My pochette was flaky and golden, the spinach and Swiss cheese inside full of gooey goodness. Of, course the strawberries were as fresh as can be. As for the Romanoff part, I could drink the cream by itself.

It may not be Paris but it at least quenches my cravings, if only temporarily, for the taste of France.