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Where I Would Rather Be…


                It’s the weekend. Yes, I should be lounging in my jammies, dogs curled up at my feet, husband bringing me bonbons and champagne. Yeah right, people. It’s October. The last day of this month is Halloween. Now, for most people, Halloween is A day. But for my husband and I, Halloween is a two-month long event. You see, we’re costumers. We’re lucky if we get to see our dogs and our home during the month of Helloween. But…if I had my choice, and a few spare thousand dollars, ha! Here’s what I would be doing this weekend.

My husband and I would take an early Friday flight into Paris De Gaulle airport. We would then head over to our fabulous hotel, Hotel de Crillon. After relaxing from the nine and half hour flight, we dine at the hotel’s restaurant, Les Ambassadeurs. I never plan in enough rest time on our vacations, so nothing else planned for our first night in Paris.

On the morning of our first full morning, we head to the nearest patisserie. Now, I’ve never been to France but I have been to my share of patisseries in other cities, so I imagine that this would be the Holy Grail of patisseries! I would probably order a cup of chocolate and a heavenly buttered croissant. My husband most likely would indulge on some sort of pork or ham dish and a cup of tea.

After breakfast, it’s time to head over to the Lourve. When I finally get to Paris, I WILL NOT be missing the Lourve. It’s like a “bucket” list of famous art works that I have to see before I die…from the Winged Nike to the Mona Lisa. We will spend several hours here, leisurely (I promise, honey) walking the galleries of this grand museum.

Getting hungry, honey? Okay, we’ll find a local bakery or food shop. Grab a loaf of bread, a wheel of cheese, jug of wine…Why do I feel a Persian poem coming on? Anyways, we take these and a blanket to the nearest park, and have ourselves a romantic picnic. We kick off our shoes, and pop the cork on the wine bottle.

The effects of the fresh air and wine still with us, we next will go to the Eiffel Tower. I can only imagine how majestic the sight of Paris spreading out hundreds of feet below us! Watching the Seine drift through the landscape makes me all dreamy as I type.

How about… La Tour D’Argent for dinner? Hopefully, they understand the word “vegetarian,” and don’t try to pawn off something with duck broth in it on me or ruin a fantastic chocolate dessert with gelatin. Again, this is a dream vacation so I can dream, right? And to burn off all those French calories, a moonlit stroll through Montmarte finishes the night. Paris is gorgeous at night!

Sunday morning, I would sit through the Gregorian service at Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris for my husband. Besides, I want to see the famous Rose Window and Medieval architecture is beyond comparison. We follow this with a trip to the home of one of my favorite authors, Victor Hugo. The Hôtel de Rohan-Guéménée is thankfully opened on Sundays.

What could be better than lunch at an outdoor Parisian café? Not much. And, it’s almost impossible to enjoy outdoor dining here in Texas. Mosquitoes, humidity, tornadoes, blast furnace heat, gusts of wind don’t typically lead to a romantic meal.

And when in Paris, the center of haute couture, we have to at least go window shop the ateliers of famous designers. Now, since this is a dream trip, what the hell, we can afford a nice linen suit for my husband and a fabulous evening dress for myself.

The rest of the afternoon is for more relaxation. I’m working on this whole concept of what’s that word, again, oh yeah,


Besides, it’s our last night in the City of Lights. Let’s enjoy every splendid moment of it because tomorrow morning we will be headed into work as usual.