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As summer ends and fall settles in, we all are wishing for that last hope at a summer vacation. Okay, so this is more technically a boat trip playlist than a road trip playlist. But what better way to keep the summer spirit alive than with songs of the sunny Caribbean!

Caribbean Playlist

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean- Soundtrack
  2. One Love- Bob Marley
  3. Tobacco Island- Flogging Molly
  4. Conga- Miami Sound Machine
  5. Kokomo- The Beach Boys
  6. Volcano- Jimmy Buffett
  7. Rastafari Is- Peter Tosh
  8. Underneath It All- No Doubt
  9. The Banana Boat Song- Harry Belafonte
  10. Caribbean Queen- Billy Ocean
  11. I Shot the Sheriff- Bob Marley
  12. Fire in Me Wire- Calypso Rose
  13. Temperature- Sean Paul
  14. Santeria- Sublime
  15. Represent, Cuba- Orishas
  16. Holiday in Havana- Desi Arnaz
  17. Bahama- Ingó og Veðurguðirnir
  18. Mambo- Pink Martini
  19. Jamaica- Los Tres
  20. Bitchin Camaro- The Dead Milkmen
  21. The Pirates of the Caribbean- Hans Zimmer

*Parents: Some lyrics may not be appropriate for children*